Robotics and Its Application

Manufacture automation is adopting more automation functions and automation exhibition than ever before. For many, it’s no longer a question of whether to automate, when they extend. Misconceptions of manufacturing as crude and demoralizing persist. Robotics and its applications include Space Robotics, Underwater Robotics Conference, Electric Mobility, Security Robotics, and Agricultural Robotics which mainly deals with the evolution of Automation and Robotics, smart robots for extra-terrestrial exploration and growth and realization of Artificial Intelligence, automation exhibition methods in complete underwater systems. This “Automation and Robotics-2016” is a 2016 trade show which is the initial effort to gather a number of researchers as well as the global experts from the automation and industrial engineering fields. Around 30% of researchers, 40% of Industrialists and 30% of Academic experts were going to turn towards this esteemed event.

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